Sunday, November 16, 2008


As ones of the most active volcanoes in the world, Merapi volcano always be considered as main volcano's peak trekking In Indonesia.Garuda Peak is the name of Volcano Merapi's highest peak at elevation 2968 m alt.After last large eruption 2010, the peak was collapsed and the crater Kawah Mati is no longer existed due to eruption impact.Now...the new peak of Merapi is actually the rim of the new large crater. To reach this peak zone, the shortest and safer way is via northern slope at small village of Selo District, a common starting point for hiking up summit of Merapi.Begin the hike in dark early cool morning for reaching the peak in the morning, a better weather as well as amazing sunrise are experienced. A long the mid way path to the Peak, we have much time to take break (normally 2 times )and experience the bright nigh view below us, enjoy fresh air and night stars over us.

After a hearty picnic on peak zone, begin the descent back heads for Selo in the morning (before the cloud come down,and disturb visibility distance).Take a break for picnic breakfast on fresh air environment and more sightseeing of specific volcano open view surrounding.On the way descent, we have much time available to take some photo stops.This is an easy way of reaching summit of Merapi for most volcano hikers with expensive discovery of volcanic phenomenon of one of most world's active volcanoes.(B)


Day 1: Yogyakarta-Selo
Night Pick up at your Hotel lobby or as desired public space around Yogyakarta city area for transferring you to hiking Base Camp of New Selo on elevation approx 1600 m alt.Upon arrival, make arrival report,introduce you to local team, transfer some required personal safety gears to you, take break and enjoy a glass of warm tea plus bread before final preparation.

Day 2: Peak Zone-Selo-Yogyakarta
After safety briefing,we then begin the hike from the hiking Base Camp pass through path of local farmland ecosystem, enter pine mountain forest, and have break at border of the forest. Then proceed the hike up by following stony path on slope and cross about 3 boulders heads for saddle Pasar Bubrah.Take break and relaxing at Pasar Bubrah 2600 m alt for recovery before hiking up 1 hour through harder and more unstable rocky,gravel and sandy hiking trail heading for summit zone of Merapi.

In early cool morning proceed the hike through totally sandy trail, fumarole field,then rocky section of the trail heads for new peak of Merapi.After one hour of hiking, we then reach the peak zone in early morning and enjoy most possible good weather, as well as see the new large crater of Merapi below, while in northern side is close up view of old volcano Merbabu. After picnic around summit,we then descend back to Basar Bubrah for breakfast. Continue descending back to Selo for driving return to Yogyakarta.(B)

Further details regarding time and cost per person, please contact through available contact form,advise us your small group size and requested departure date.

1)Transport ( Ac car, Driver and fuel ).
2)Pick up and drop off service.
3)2=1 up 4 Safety Ratio Trekking Guide to client.
4)Group Safety Trekking Gears.
5)Admission fee and donation.
6)Breakfast on volcano.
7)Hiking Mineral water.
8)Hiking Snack And Fruits.
9)Personal Safety Gears.
10)Extra support of providing trekking pole and headlamp on you request.

All things are not listed as inclusions such as Accommodation pra-pasca trip, Travel Insurance, Airfare and Airport tax,Personal Expenses, and so on.

Technically the trek is moderate, you only need to walk on steep terrain and use your hand/s to keep you balance while moving on some shorts sections of the trail.Physically the trek is challenging.It's take you normal actual hike 7 hours ascent - descent with normal standard rising elevation 300 m per hour on ascent and drop down elevation 400 m per hour on descent. You portage your personal belonging plus provided personal safety gears.For more enjoyment and experience of the trek,do regular sport without any excessive fatigue as part of you preparation.

Difficulties lies on less of sleep, steepness, unstable volcanic stone and sandy path section, and slippery. High accumulation of sulphure smoke on peak zone is still possible even on normal level of magmatic activity of Merapi.Most difficult section is around elevation 2600 m up summit.Hit by rock fall when there were to many other hikers over as and sliding down on sandy section are still possible risks. 2 hours of rain on peak zone is always be potential for appearing of secondary volcanic hazard.

We hike via northern flank of the volcano.At the beginning of the hike, we hike through the soil path of local farmland ecosystem which is led us enter pine forest and tropical mountain forest.Upon reaching the mountain forest, there two paths: one path straight up,while other turn left. These two paths join at border of mountain forest and sub alpin vegetation.

As we move higher over 2200 m, the route dramatically change. Get steeper with most path on edge consisting of loose small rock while other are very solid boulders. The hardest section of the route is over 2600 m alt up summit zone of Merapi. The path, mostly more totally sandy, while other upper section is fumarole field and loose rock.Open area is over elevation 2400 m where strong wind can be occasionally occurred.

Personal porter available at Hiking basecamp, and can be arranged only on your request.