Sunday, August 29, 2010


Understand danger zone of a volcano before hiking it up is important aspect of hiking preparation for every volcano's peak hikers,but it's normally ignored either by hikers or guides even hiking operator putting hiking safety in priority.Knowing danger zone make you more ready to face the danger  or anticipate it.
Therefore it is important for every volcano's peak trekkers to know the danger zone of a volcano to be ascended.Easier and more comprehensive way to know the danger zone of a volcano is through Map which is generally known as Volcanic Hazard Map.

To identify danger area caused by either primary hazard or secondary hazard, a Volcanic Hazard Map ply important rule and become necessary item. Such as  Map usually prepared and  made by official volcanologists based on the experience and knowledge of of the behaviours and eruption character of a volcano. This kind of Map covers danger zone surrounding a volcano. In this such map, zone of areas are distinguished according to the hazard induced by the eruption of the volcano;

Forbidden Zone:
This is an area surrounding a volcano located closest to the danger source, easily effected by nuees ardented, and therefore should be permanently abandoned.

First Danger Zone:
This is an area which was in danger during previous eruptions although it may not be effected by Nuees Ardentes. However....during paroxysms, it may be struck by glowing bombs.

Second Danger Zone:
This is an zone comprising areas situated in or close to valleys originating from the summit, and which may be invaded by lahar.This zone may be eventually futher divided in to:

>Alertt Zone:
This is an area situating near a topographically high area; for example a hill which can provide evacuation access area in case of lahars.

>Abandoned Zone:
This is an area where during lahar invasion no escape is possible.

Some volcanoes in my country, Indonesia, have been completed with Volcanic Hazard Maps, and the other are not yet.These maps are really useful to get "big Pic" of the danger zone of a volcano before climbing it up, and understand them is always be part of climbing Trips preparation phase for volcano's peak climbing guide.By understanding it, also mean that the climber or guide ready to anticipate any volcano danger event, included know  where to escape or possible area for evacuation access.

Adapted from many resources but most important one ( Main Resource ): Data Gunung Api Indonesia