Monday, May 16, 2011


Volcano Gede - Pangrango are twin volcanoes, Pangrango is 3010 m above sea level,non active volcano.while Gde is 2958 m in high, active volcano with more less 7 craters. These volcanoes located among some regencies: Bogor,Cianjur, and Sukabumi.Accessible either via Jakarta or Bandung, more less 89 km with normal drive 2 hours from Jakarta (Head for Cimacam) and more less 100 km with normal drive three and half hours from Bandung (head fro Cimacam), then the other 4 km head for Cobodas with normal drive more less 30 menutes.

Volcano Pangrango is non active volcano, while volcano Gede is active volcano with more less 7 craters.The volcano is strato with first eruption was recorded year 1747, shortest period of rest less than 1 year while longest one is 71 years.The eruption normally take place in calm in short period of time.

To access the summits, there are 3 hiking trails available head for summits, among them: via hiking trail of Cibonas, hiking trail of Gunung Putri, and last one Selabintana.The most popular one is the hiking trail via Cibonas.The hike began from Information Center at Cibodas heads for Kandang Badak for more less 6 hours of hiking pass through interested site Cibeureum waterfall with 40 m to 50 m in high on elevation approx 1675 m above sea level, then warm waterfall on elevation 2150 m.This warm waterfall has it's resource from river locating near by crater of volcano Gede. From this site, it take 40 minutes of hike to arrive Kandang Badak on elevation approx 2395 m above sea level.Kandang Badak is actually breaking point where hikers normally overnight by camp in tent before heading for summit of volcano
Pangrango or volcano Gede. This site is considered as strategic place for break due to it was the meeting points of two hiking pats: first path on rightside was the path heading for summit of Pangrango, while the second path was on left side heads for summit of volcano Gede.

It's took one and half hours hiking up to reach summit of Pangrango from Kandang Badak through soil path.This section is dominated by forest, even most section of summit zone of Pangrango is covered by closed vegetation so that surrounding views were invisible.How ever about 10 minutes descent heads for the right side of the summit there was rewarding Edelweiss Flower Field which is also normally functioned as campsite.This site is worthy for visit before descending back.

To reach summit of Gede from summit of Pangrango, we should descend back head for Kandang Badak.Upon arrival Kandang Bdak, then take the left side path heads for Tanjakan - Rante, then summit of volcano Gede. Tanjakan Rante is steepest path section along more less 50 m.Below this path section there was alternative option of path forwarding left side which is not as steep as Tanjakan Rante.This alternative
path meets the end of Tanjakan Rante.

From the end of Tanjakan rante, it's took just more less 30 minutes to arrive on summit of volcano Gede through the border between vegetation and volcanoc rock zone.From summit of volcano Gede, fantastic views are visibly well such as crater's wall of Gede, summit of Pangrango, craters,Edelweiss field and savana surya kencana. Reach the summit on early morning is always be best consideration for taking best views and weather on summit of this volcano Gede.

Captured By: Ambo Upe