Friday, February 3, 2012


Each people is different, some of them only want to hike up summit of volcanoes on dry season, while others are wish to hike up summit of volcanoes either on dry or rain season. January and February are considered as highest rainfall in Indonesia as well as on volcanoes around Indonesia.

Hiking up summit of volcanoes during rain season is considered more risky of hypothermia due to more wet and windy, sliding down due to hiking trails get more slippery than dry season, and so on.How ever development of rain gear as well as warming gear for out door activity make hikers to be better adapted to mountain environment and minimize the risks effecting by the rain.

Rain season also cause higher probability of secondary volcano hazard, particularly "Lahar Flood". In case of Merapi's lahar flood, it's normally occurred on western and southern flanks of the volcano.While northern flank is considered safe. Hiking up summit of volcano Merapi on rain season via this flank is much more considered safe. How ever, flexible schedule to adapt to any possibility of weather change is important part of trekking management.


On 1 January we hiked up Merapi,while on January 13 up 15 we come back again to Merapi after climbing Merbabu to lead the climb of our two guests of France hikers. This posting specially created as appreciation to our trekking guest from France completing Merbabu - Merapi 3 Days/2Nights.

During the hike on Merababu, we experienced rain day on our first day afternoon and got wet along the trail up camp site Krego.The rain didn't stop till night.While in early morning, we had very good weather, clear views surrounding camp site, as well as on summit Kenteng Songo around 09:00 am - 09:30 am.

At Merapi, we also experienced good weather during the hiking day up summit and down to basecamp of Selo.We didn't got wet at all during the hike on volcano Merapi.


We begin the trip by pick up our trekking guests in early morning at airport of Yogyakarta for directly transferred by private ac car heads for Basecamp of Merbabu volcano at last village Kedakan. Stop below basecamp, and had relaxing walk up Basecamp and sight seeing mountainous landscape surrounding the village.Our Breakfast at small local restaurant en route Magelang regency.

We commenced the hike in afternoon from basecamp.After 1 hour of hike, the rain began to fall heavier and heavier, made the path to be drain of running water. We did overnight by camp in tent around elevation 2490 m and proceed the hike up summits of Merbabu: Kenteng Songo and Syarif Peaks, then walk down heads for crater zone to had a look of bubbling water of this old crater. The weather was good on summit Kenteng Songo,so that closed up view of summit Merapi volcano was visible well,also views of twin volcano of Sumbing and Sundoro in the distance. While on summit Syarif was little big more fogy on around 10:00 am.


After climbing summit of Merbabu volcano:Kenteng Songo and Syarif, we then proceed transfer by private ac car head for hiking basecamp of mount Merapi Volcano. Spend the night at Basecamp, and commenced the hike up summit of Merapi in the early morning. Reach summit in the morning. The weather on summit was clear, sulfur smoke was low accumulated around summit zone and therefore we considered no need to wear our masker that we bring.We had chance to took a view of the large crater of Merapi below us on summit zone as well as towering conical volcanic rock spewing out sulfur smoke.

During the hikes, there was no rockfall at all since there only about 9 other hikers in other 3 groups. We met
1 group over trail of Pasar Bubra, met other group on our arrival on summit, while other one met on the our way descend around summit zone.We descend back to Basecamp after average 40 minutes sight seeing on summit.Had our snacks and fruits on volcano, while lunch served by Basecamp. After repacking, and made our climbing report at basecamp, we then drive return heads for Yogyakarta.


SPECIAL THANKS TO: Trekking Guests: Matheas and Alex (Franch),also to Trekking Bascamp owners Merbabu Kedakan - Merapi Selo.TREKKING PRIODE: 2012.VOLCANO: Merbabu And Merapi.RELATED NOTE : Photo By Olenk Ambo Upe.Stuff By:Olenk Ambo Upe.Volcano Trekking Planer By: Olenk Ambo Upe