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LOCATION: Central Java, Indonesia
ALTITUDE: 3142 m Asl 
TYPE: Strato Volcano
CLASSIFICATION: Active B-Type Volcano
HISTORICAL ERUPTION: Not Well Known Since 1600
TREKKING ROUTE: Wekas-Kedakan,Selo,Cuntel,& Thekelan

Administratively,Merbabu volcano located in Central Java, at mid line between two volcanoes: Unggaran and Merapi.This is actually a large overgrown volcano with three grabens.Compare to Merapi standing on it's side, Merbabu is larger,but less active volcano.It's active type classification is comparable with Unggaran volcano and Lawu volcano.Most people forget,then see such volcanoes as dormant volcanoes.

Regarding Merbabu volcano active type classification, there some references about this: first,Data Dasar Gunungapi Indonesia 1979 (Catalogue of references on Indonesian Volcanoes with eruptions in Historical Time) and second,Pedoman Analisis Bencana Alam: Study Kasus Jawa Tenggah.

According to first reference,there are 8 A-type volcanoes have not been described yet ( as previously doubtful): ones of them is Merbabu,Central Java,last recorded eruption 1797.While in map of second reference, volcanoes A-type indicated by symbol of volcano with red color, and volcanoes B-type indicated by symbol of volcano with yellow color. Merbabu possessing symbol with yellow color, mean active B-type.

In 2014,when there was earthquake near by Merbabu, an Indonesian volcano expert (2014)as published by media,stated that eruption of Merbabu is not well known since year 1600.This statement strengthen the classification of Merbabu as B-type active volcano.

Until today,Merbabu volcano still possessing some fumarola fields which is mostly dominated by bubbling water.Hikers normally still get smell of volcanic fume around 2700 m (not via Selo).Merbabu also knew as volcano possessing greatest number of summit trekking route in Indonesia,but popular ones: Wekas-Kedakan,Selo,Cunthel and Thekelan.

On Hiking / Trekking at Merbabu,as we get on 2700 m,we find ourselves on rocky edge where the terrain get more exposed causing the wind normally get stronger(not via Selo),Here...the craters are visible as well as fantastic view of volcanic landscape series surrounding.we get smell of low gas sulfure on the way approx 2700 m.Walk down to get closer look of that site is possibly done but need to be cautious as the path is much more slippery.As arriving at crater base, you'll find your self at totally different environment: around you is colorful volcanic rock, some bubbling water, typically sulphure smell,while over you is more green of tree - vegetation that adapted already on that zone.

Due to it's strategic location among other volcanoes of Central Java,Merbabu's summits are considered as the best view points of viewing series of volcanic landscape  of Yogyaktarta & Central Java.Summit Pregodalem or today called Summit Syarif 3119 m is considered best view point of sun rise at Merbabu, while summit zone Kenteng Songo Triangulasi is is considered as best highest point to have a look of "closed up view of most active volcano Merapi". Different to Merapi,the highest summit (around 3042 m) of Merbabu is a grassy edge stretching from east to west,and some archeological remains are still found on summit zone until today.

Regarding temperature at Merbabu,it's vary: 19 up 18 degree Celsius on base around 1500 m,14 up 13 degree Celsius around 2500 m and 11 up 10 degree Celsius around 3124 m.Can drop lower.

Photo Contributor By: Olenk Ambo Upe,and E.Fransisco
Stuff Contributor By; Olenk Ambo Upe