Saturday, March 7, 2015

VOLCANO SINDORO: An Overview Volcano

LOCATION:Central Java,Indonesia
NAME: Volcano Sindoro
TYPE: Strato Volcano
ALTITUDE: +- 3153 m ASL
CLASSIFICATION: Active A-Type Volcano
ERUPTION TYPE: Strambolian

Volcano Sindoro is twin of volcano Sumbing separated by saddle Kledung +-1450 m which's today becoming main road heading for regency Wonosobo,Central Java,Indonesia .Sindoro is popular name by Indonesian hikers/trekkers,while other name of this volcano are Sundoro and Susundoro.Summit of Sindoro is 3153 m in high,actually a flat summit where it's eastern side approx 400 x 300 m in wide and has been being a spot of it's twin crater sizing 210 x 150 m.While on west and north side of it's summit are rest of it's main and seconder craters.On rainy season, this volcano sometimes has temporal lake due to rainfall accumulation on surface of crater's rest.

Sindoro is a Strato volcano, an active volcano classifying as active A-type with first recorded eruption in historical time was 1818 since previous eruption was doubtful (1806).After approx 60 years of more calm, magmatic activity of Sundoro increased to higher lavel without any significant magmatic eruption. Based on it's eruption history, eruption type of Sindoro is Strambolian.The past eruptions also recorded: ash eruption reached Kebumen and coastal area of Pekalongan, spewed out volcanic rock and mud that'r falling down again in to eruption vent.

Lower from summit zone of Sindoro/Sundoro,on it's slope, some boulders separating on ground were discovered as indication of it's past huge eruptions.While lower to Sindoro's slope,on it's foot: is archeological remain as well as ancient city as indications of past human adaptation on volcanic environment of Sindoro/Sundoro.

Summit zone of Sindoro/Sundoro is dominated by well adapted vegetation as well as popular Edelweis flower.Lower below summit zone is cloudy tropical mountain forest and secondary pine forest,then local highland plantation.As at Sumbing volcano, popular implanted plant by local farmers at Sundoro/Sindoro volcano slope is Tobacco,locally popular by Tembako but Javanese normally called it Mbako.Local Knowledge and skill of cultivating the Tobacco is great from one generation to next generation until today.

Temperature at Sindoro: approx 18 degree Celsius on base around 1500 m,14 up 13 degree Celsius around 2500 m and 11 up 10 degree Celsius around 3151 m.We get warmer quickly as the sun shine slowly light the flat summit of Sindoro/Sindoro.

As recorded recently ,after getting more active (2012),volcanic gas accumulation of Sundoro/Sindoro got higher concentration on summit zone after heavy rain fall due to evaporation factor on certain of time.Thunder light was recorded more often occurred during January-Februari (previous record:2014),and still higher  possibility on transition of two season (Dry & Wet Seasons) periods on April and October.

Photo Contributors By: Olenk Ambo Upe & E.Fransisco
Stuff Contributor By:Olenk Ambo Upe