Tuesday, March 31, 2015

VOLCANO SLAMET:An Overview Volcano

NAME: Volcano Slamet
VOLCANO TYPE: Strato volcano
LOCATION: Central Java,Indonesia
CLASSIFICATION: A-type active volcano
HISTORICAL ERUPTION:First record 1772.
ERUPTION TYPE:Vulcanian & Strambolian.

Administratively, volcano Slamet located in several regencies of Central Java province, republic Indonesia: Brebes, Tegal, Pemalang, Banyumas dan Purbalingga.The word slamet it self rooted from word "Salamatan", this volcano possessing such name on century XVI when Islam religion influence came to southern part of Central Java region.Previous name of this volcano was assumed Agung.

Summit of volcano Slamet is cone in shape,possessing crater complex on it's summit zone consisting of 4 craters which are popular as crater inside crater.Record on going central crater activities included spewing out solfatara,lava dome formation,and ash eruption.The highest point of the summit up to 3432 m from sea level that made it as second highest summit volcano of Java after Mahameru, the volcano summit of volcano Semeru in east Java.

Due to altitude factor of volcano Slamet plus it's position to wind monsoon direction so that volcano Slamet region possesing very high rainfall as well as rain day, even it's western flank possessing highest rainfall in Indonesia. Slamet also known as ones of most forested volcanoes of Java, and considered as last habitat of genuine mountainous plants of Java.Most specific plants were discovered here included Pimpinella pruatjan and Scutellaria javanica.

Volcano slamet is Strato in type, classified as A-type active volcano with first recorded eruption in historical time was on August 11-12, 1772 where at time occured ash eruption followed by lava flow (Data Dasar Gunungapi Indonesia,1979).Eruption history of volcano Slamet recored the eruption character tended to low explosive as well as effusive,popular asVulcanian and strombolian type of eruptions.Eruption produced volcanic material from dust size to lapili (1-4 cm),bright lava and heavy dust rain.The vulcanic dust can reach 10 km or over distance.safety distance mostly recorded 4 km from central eruption.

Recent alert level of volcano Slamet:On 10 Maret 2014 status of volcano Slamet was increased from level I (status  Normal ) to level II (status Waspada), then on 30 April 2014 increased to higer level from level II (status Waspada) to  level III (status Siaga).On 12 Mei 2014 the alert level decreased to lower lever from level III (status Siaga) to Level II (satus Waspada).The status is tentative,may change anytime.Special notes for volcano hikers-trekkers-climbers-visitors of volcano Slamet: recorded Safety distance on level II was 2 km from central eruption and safety distance on level III was 4 km from central eruption.Recently (according to bgl.esdm.go.id accessed 30/3/2015 ) the status of volcano Slamet on level II (Status Waspada) since January 1, 2015.

During on eruption period, bright lava flow of volcano Slamet was visible well from eruption view point at village Melung, Baturraden,Banyumas (26/4/2014) in the morning,ones of volcano Slamet eruption attraction that should not to be "missed". while on Normal Active (Level I) volcano Slamet is always be attractive for most hikers-trekkers-climbers to climb to summit of volcano Slamet.From perspective of volcano hazard of Indonesia,it is safer to climb this vulcan on alert level of level I.It is worthy to mention that for most travelers,Hot spring at Baturaden and Guci as well as uniqueness volcanic cave are most popular tourism attraction that normally never been "missed".

More than just a volcano...archaeological remains from different periods  were discovered on slope of volcano Slamet: pra history period,classical period (Hindhu-Budha)and Islam period that indicated volcano Slamet has been inhabited since long time ago.Some relevant local tradition also still live:When alert level of Slamet increase over normal level, the local Javanese held ritual tradition by cooking Gandul (papaya) as a hope expression to alert level in order not increase to further lower level (as recorded on March 16,2014 at Bojongsari,Purbalinga)previously on 2013,Relevant traditional ceremony Ruwetan gunung on slope of volcano also was held as part of Grebeg Suran Baturaden on event Festival Baturraden 2013.Climbing volcano Slamet and take down the rubbish along hiking track was included activity during the event.

Photos Contributor: Agus Rossi
Stuff Contributor: Olenk Ambo Upe