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TREKKING GUIDE: Field Practicing (part 3)


I was previously informed that a trekking group from France would do volcano trekking program Jogja - Central Java - East Java. I was asked by guide who was in charge for program to attend for guiding practice. This an important event as this was first chance to escort a volcano trekking during trekking guide course program.

I came to office with trekking partner for coordination with instructor who at as trekking consultant for the group and other escorting participants. I got little briefing, also given the technical itinerary describing time to
time program as guideline to follow.

On next day, I met the guide, trekking consultant at office as we already previously.There other escorts beside me, were: Nasirun and Adjie.I was informed previously that Nasirun and Agus attended the second course, a France speaking class.While first trekking class attended by Hendrik and Bagio, also France speaking class.The third course was attended by me and Adjie.So each course season attended only two person for effectiveness.During the journey, Hendrik was in charge for guiding.

From office, we went to airport of Yogyakarta for picking up service.At airport, we did shake-hand with all group's member and assisted them to the bus.Then proceed to Hotel Jayakarta for check in.Welcome drink at lobby,Room keys were distributed, ang group was briefied for next program.The group was large group consisting more than 4 person.Next...diner,by bus from hotel to restaurant. Here we were introduced further to the group.The group also informed further about trekking program to be done next.The cheats took that the group dropped back to the hotel around 22:30 pm.


In the morning, as it dialed,next journey was hiking from Samigaluh through Manoreh mountain range to Borobudur.This trekking route has been surveyed by us ( Two participant olenk and ajie plus 1 France trekkinginstructor Dominique ). The journey started From hotel, transferred to a local market of Samigaluh where the hike commenced to Borobudur.Hike through mountain range Manoreh, crossed some village,and had break at local small village.Here, trekking group was served lunch by packed picnic lunch, while warm tea was prepared at village.Some stops were made during the trek included at local elementary school where the group had the chance to understand teaching process.

The trek took approx 7 hours to complete.Arrived, at Borobudur temple in late afternoon. The group Visited Borobudur temple under guidance of guide.Then proceed the journey to village of Selo on northern flank of Merapi Volcano.Overnight at Hotel Agung (Today, this hotel is no longer existed). Dinner was served at hotel since the hotel had small restaurant.Overnight by hotel.

In early morning, wake up call to have early breakfast.Then commence walk through asphalted road head for breaking point at the end of asphalted road,then follow the path of farmland and enter to mountain forest and sub alpin ecosystem of Merapi. Some member of the group made stop for break below Watu Gadja before proceeding to old crater Pasar Bubrah and did summit push of Garuda, a partly volcanic lave dome of Merapi volcano.Here, the group had time to explore the volcanic area of merapi summit under guidance of the guide.

After having some snacks, and a glass of warm tea.The group then led down through the same route down to the base. Proceed to the hotel for next journey return to Yogyakarta.The group spend the night at hotel
near by Prambanan complex that previously had been booked by office.


In early morning,visited Prambanan complex,then return to hotel for breakfast and free time for leisure.Then next longer road journey head for Malang in East Java by bus arranged by office. Stop made on the way at local restaurant.Arrived at Malang in dark,check in hotel and overnight at hotel in Malang.

On next day, group had more morning free time for leisure before it time to drive to Tumpang, a little downtown of Malang and used to be entrance gate for Ranupani, the trekking base of volcano Semeru.We
arrived at Tumpang on good time,and welcome well by local officer led by Pak Sarmin.Here we have our lunch, also visit local traditional Market and small temple near by the local market.Then proceed to Ranu Pani by several Jeeps.The Jeep basically organized in to two: Those responsible to transported  logistique and those responsible to transported trekkers.

The road to Ranu Pani was too dusty at the time due to dry season,so the team must made sure all logistique were in clean.The packaging was important element of work for this point.The dust was partly volcanic
ash brought by wind on time of volcano Eruption Semeru.The dust was not good for health breathing system, also can irritate eyes, so glasses and masks (possible by Bandada) is vital element for this part of volcano journey.During,this journey, we made stop to take in view of area of Tengger, a sea sand of broad caldera base where some smaller volcano towering up to the sky.

Ranu Pane - Ranu Kumbolo Semeru:

Arrived at Ranu Pane in late afternoon, check in local guest house, then do walking excursion around village of Ranu Pani as well as near by volcanic lakes.At night, candle diner provided by local team of officer for the group.Also did recheck and repack all necessary logistique for next day trekking.Thanks to local officers, specially for Pak Glimo ( Djoko ) for the warm welcome.

We was informed too that the was current accident occurred on Mahameru, summit point of Semeru, caused by lava bright fall.We thanks for the info and realy took note to paid attention for anticipation. As other volcanoes, the pre existence of lava ejected is normally indicated by the tremor as well as at Semeru.
So the guide was normally paid attention to trend of tremor: was the trend stable or increase or decrease.

In the morning, we met all team. The locals team in charge in logistique portage and meal preparation was the advance team. So they hiked first without any need for waiting us on the way but on appointed point, the Ranu Kumbolo Area and Kali Mati area, both are normally points for camp.The group commence the trek after breakfast head for Ranu Kumbolo under guidance.

On the way, the group spread in two group since some of the trekkers have slower pace and could not be force to go faster to let's them enjoy every pace they took.I stop on highest point where the Ranu Kumbolo visible already, and wait the last trekers, then follow then in back formation to made sure no one left behind.The last terrain for this first etape was down route head to camp site of Ranu Kumbolo.

Ranu Kumbolo - Kali Mati Semeru:

All trekkers already at "home Ranu Kumbolo", I was the last ones to arrived.Lunch was on preparation by some member's of local team while another local team already headed for Kali Mati to arrange the camp site and prepared dinner.On lunch time, boiled noodle served in plastic plate in front of Ranu Kumbolo.So the group have the lunch while enjoy view of the volcanic lake.

During at Ranu Kumbolo, I was informed that there was forest burning.We decided to check out to verified the info.Three of as hiked to checked out next trekking trail.We hike up near hill to observe next trek and seen fire clearly.We decided to get closer to observe .We hike further down, follow the path and found many trees were burned while in front was fire blocked the path, so it impossible to be passed through.

We then decided to go back to main group and informed the actual situation we seen.We were not in charge to decided to hike further or return to Ranu Pani.It should be decided by trekking guide in charging at the time.As we'r instructed during class season,on such situation,the actual condition should be informed frankly to the group, and decision should be taken only based on safety consideration to made the group stay safe.

The decision taken was proceed the hike further to Kali Mati.Then the group guided hike further through path.After getting closer and see the facts,then made a stop.The path still blocked by fire and possible to go further.The second decision was taken tohike back to Ranu Pani, then proceed to Bromo directly on the same day.

Bromo Area:

The journey to Bromo area was by Jeep organized to transported trekkers and logistique. I and Adjie were responsible for taking care logistique and backpack of the group.

We went fisrt by Jeep as advanced team head for Bromo area through road Ranu Pani,then turn left down to the stony road,then rather flat sea sand of tengger caldera.We were heading for Cemoro Lawang for check in local hotel.We really enjoy this journey, happy to see volcanic landscape of Tengger which is so popular
for it's huge volcanic caldera.We could'n imagine how huge past eruption here was.

Arrived in front of Lava Lodge in late afternoon, carried down all guest's backpack one by one and made them clean since they were very dusty,then centralized them in safe point and then did coordination with staff of the hotel.We decided to wait other groups while keeping care the backpack.

Other group arrived, and we was informed that there was a trouble on the way experienced that made them arrive very late, and the guide in charge for this journey going to handle it.At night, we spend the night at room prepared for guides.

Pananjakan - Ijen:

On next day early cool morning,escorted excursion by local transport to Mt.Pananjakan, a view point for sunrise of Bromo volcano plus surrounding tengger caldera.The view was amazing in combination with sunrise slowly lights caldera landscape then morning mists arround Bromo making this volcano looked floating on misty mass.There were too many tourist in the area,keep silent in waiting for amazing sunrise of Bromo.

Next after sunrise, proceed down to Bromo to see the crater vent.Then return to hotel for breakfast and shower.Proceed the journey to Ijen area with some stops on the ways: handling the trouble and have lunch. Arrived at Blawan in the dark, so had no time to do local excursion.Overnight by local hotel.

On next day,in early cool morning, proceed to entrance gate of Ijen.Did hiking to crater ridge, then down to crater base to observe the sulphure phenomenon of Ijen.Then return to the base for further journey to Tretes
mountain resort area, the mountain resort exactly located on foot of Arjuna-Welirang volcano, and use to be climbing base of summits Arjuna-Wellirang volcano.

Arrived at hotel at Tretes mountain resort area on foot of Arjuna-Welirang Volcanoes at night.Overnight at room provided for guides at the hotel.In the morning, escorted the group to airport of Surabya ( Juanda ) where the group was dropped off and said bye bye.We return to Jogja by the same car on the
same day.Journey end at Yogyakarta. ( Course Period: 1997/1998)