Sunday, August 14, 2016

TREKKING GUIDE: Field Training (part 2)


Sumbing and Merapi volcanoes have been climbed by us several times prior to attending the course,as well as led some Indonesian group of trekkers, while other areas: Manoreh and some trekking spots at Bali island were new ones for us.First trekking,at Manoreh mountain range, we accessed starting point by car provided by office.The journey took place through mountainous road of Kulong Progo regency,Yogyakarta.

At Starting point,we did orientation where Map & Compass play main role,then proceed the trek head for Borobudur area.On the way, most passed area were ridge of mountain range of Manoreh, some mountain villages.As we got closer to Borobudur temple, an asphalted road was encountered leading to Borobudur area.View of Borobudur temple was visible in the distance.

At Merapi we do trekking from Selo.Depart at night by car, stop at a hotel to pick up a Customer
Consultant then proceed to directly to starting point of hike at Selo.Thisalreadytoday marked "New Selo".From this point, hike higher trough path of local farmland,then mountain forest,and ridge leading to old crater called Pasar Bubrah.

From Pasar Bubrah,the hiking route was harder,through some unstable surface of the ground heading for puncak Bayangan, a meeting point between nothern and southern routes.From here, took five minutes proceed to summit Garuda.From this point,then made the way down to lower point to observe the active crater wall.Ascended return to Garuda to further descending down to base of Selo through same route,and return to Jogja.

Sumbing Volcano

At Sumbing, we do trekking from Garung.Depart from Jogja at night, At midnight, did trekking, we did it through Jalur Baru.There two route here: Jalur Lama and Jalur Baru.First etape should degotiate the path of farmlandhead for border of pine forest.Here we stop to have drink and snack, then proceed to Buntu Sumit trough ridge and passed side of towering volcanic rock.

We arrived on summit before sunrise, as it exposed area, it then rather windy that forced us to find protected area on back side of the rock.In the morning did cooking for warm water,also practicing more knots.Then descent via same route to the base Garung, proceed journey return to Jogja city.

directly head for Kledung pass, a main road connecting Temangmung-Wonosobo regency,Central Java.Turn right to Garung, a village used to be trekking base by Indonesian trekkers.Here, we stop at basecamp of Stickpala as well as took rest.

Bali Trekking

Bali was last destination of our trekking practice during trekking course.We did trekking route survey in some area included Tamblingan,Ubud area and Batur volcano.We access Bali by public bus ( Bus Safari 1998 ) from Jogja, stop on way for dinner before crossing the strait by Ferry to Bali Island.

We stop at representative office since there was a Baliness guide delegated by office to join us.During trekking practice, the guide decided to not continue joining the trek and return home on second day.So only three of us proceed the trekking program.

The last one was trekking at Volcano Batur.It done in early dark cool Morning to arrive on summit before sunrise.On summit there were a hut, also possible to boild egg on warm crack of the volcano.We return
down through differen route.Have 1 days rest at local hotel, as well as experienced the hot spring of at Base of Batur.The hotel owner was very welcome.Next...return to Yogyakarta after reported to the representative
office of Bali.