Friday, September 16, 2016

TREKKING VOLCANO SLAMET : Hike Highest Volcano Of Central Java

TRIP NAME : Slamet Summit Hike
TRIP DURATION : 2 Days / 1 Night
ROUTE: Bambangan
PHYSICAL LEVEL : Challenging
GET IN/OUT : Yogyakarta / Yogyakarta
WHEN: Customized to your request.

This volcano Slamet hike leads you up summit of volcano Slamet +-3429 m, the highest active volcano summit of Central Java region. Experiences volcanic environment that so typical for volcano Slamet due to it's "Crater inside The Craters ", hike down to crater sandy base when ever it possibly done, and catch sunrise momentum slowly light volcano Slamet towering over mist morning day. This volcano is getting well known due to it's Strombolian and Vulcanian types of volcanic eruptions, also for it's richness of flora-fauna along below volcanic zone. The tropical mountain forest offer freshness of air, so you can much expect to experience tranquillity of the mountain. How ever, the trip is focusing to explore volcanic zone of this highest Central Java's volcano to get  more insight about it's volcanic phenomenon.

This trekking trip is much more suitable for experienced hikers-climbers-trekkers possessing good stamina / good fitness level due long drive round trip Yogyakarta - Trekking Basecamp, and physically challenging hike up and down the terrain of volcano Slamet.


DAY 1 / Early morning (+-05:00 am) leave Yogyakarta for trekking Basecamp at Bambangan at +- 1484 m ASL, hike through path of highfarmland, path of pine and tropical mountain forest plus path of sub alpine vegetation head for camp site at  elevation +-2805 m ASL.Over night by tent. Transfer by private car for approx 7 hours of actual drive. Normal hiking duration approx 4 hours of actual hiking up volcano Slamet's terrain.( L,D )

DAY 2 / Summit attempt for peak of volcano Slamet at -+ 3429 m ASL through path of sub alpine ecosystem and crux of volcanic zone. After summiting, then hike down head for trekking basecamp at Bambangan for transferring return to Yogyakarta. Arrive at Yogyakarta at night. Transfer by private car for approx 7 hours of actual drive. Normal hiking duration approx 8 hours of actual hiking up & down volcano Slamet's terrain.( B,L )

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