Friday, February 17, 2017

MERAPI TREKKING APPROACH: Hike Volcano Merapi Via Selo

Merapi is type A active volcano according to Indonesia volcano classification. Merapi is wellknown as ones of World Volcano Decade, and world's most actives volcanoes. Merapi's volcano eruption changed it's wellknown spesific type of eruption name Merapi Type in to new type during huge eruption of 2010. However, Merapi is still an Indonesian top destination for most International volcano hiking / trekking / climbing travelers.

Merapi also known as ones of Indonesian national parks, and therefore has important role as protected habitat for conversation of Merapi's nature resources and ecosystem.Has some summit routes, but most recommended ones is trekking / hiking route via Selo on northern flank of Merapi.

As Internationally wellknown volcano, Merapi always attracts climbing / trekking / hiking tourist, it's area covers many interested sites from waterfall to hiking trail area. Guiding day approach in the area take normally 2 days / 1 nights as below:

1. Merapi Waterfall & Old Crater hike :
The hike is done more gradually to let's you have more time to adapt to new altitude of Merapi. Pick service in morning around Yogyakarta, transfer to Selo. Then hike until to view point (+-2860 m ASL) of old crater locally known as Pasar Bubrah, overnight by tent. On day 2, see sunrise plus steep rocky cone of Merapi. Then hike down back to base to transfer return to Yogyakarta.This trip suit to be done when ever hiking until crater rim ( +- 2905 m ASL) is not recommended / not allowed by relevant authority.

2. Merapi New Crater Rim Hike:
The hike done gradually, allow you to have camp by tent prior summit push ( crater rim). Pick up service in the morning around Yogyakarta, transfer to Selo, and hike to camp site. On day 2, summit push in early morning to arrive on crater rim on good weather as possible, see new crater of Merapi which was made up huge eruption of 2010.Hike down back to Selo to transfer you return to Yogyakarta. This trip suit to be done when ever hike until crater rim recommended/allowed already by relevant authority.

Another option is 1 night / 1 day hiking trip. It depart from Yogyakarta or around area of Borobudur at night by private transport heads for base Selo at nothern flank, have little rest then directly hike to Pasar Bubrah or new crater rim ( depend on actual policy of the authority ). Hike down back to base Selo for transferring return to Yogyakarta. This option is normally suit to tourist having limited of time to complete 2 day / 1 night hiking trip Merapi.


Images By : Ambo Upe Olenk
Capture : The new crater rim Merapi ( up ), and steep roccky cone Merapi seen from Pasar Bubrah, the old crater ( down ).


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