The hiking trail environment are mostly the same in ecosystem type,consisted of local farmland then enter to mountain cloudy forest ecosystem on ridge of the volcanoes.As we go higher crossing the mountain forest ecosystem, the environment is gradually changed in to different one as we come to sub alpin ecosystem through more stony section of the trail, then cross the border of the vegetation and volcanic zone where the ridge is more exposed and the path is more stony either solid or unstable surface.

On some active volcanoes, as we get closer to the summit the the volcanic environment are mostly dominated by gravel, some boulders,some sharp rocks even sandy loose surface on some volcanoes.On old volcano, the summit is normally still grassy and some other adapted plants still found while the young ones are not.
The trail on old volcanoes is more flat but longer ridge up and down hill.While on young volcanoes, the trails are steeper with less flat space along the trail.The young volcano is more conical in shape which is indicating more incline of the summit trail...more gradually constant incline, vary angle approx 40 - 65 degrees.

The trail is typically straightforward, required only to walk on most section of the trail. As the trail get steeper,using a hand is occasionally required for supporting and keep the balance while moving upward, care is needed in order to place foot safely.

On crux of some volcanoes terrain,the trail required you to use hands in order to facilitate upward movement.No need to search around  hand and foothold are plenty available along crux section.Most hiking trails on volcanoes of Yogyakarta and Central Java are marked, but the crux section is without protection except trail of Lawu via Cemoro Sewu.

                                        VOLCANIC ALTITUDE:

The altitude of active volcanoes of Indonesia is intermediate in high, the highest one is volcano Kerinci 3805 m.then Rinjani 3726 m, and Semeru 3676 m.In Central Java and Yogyakarta,the altitude of volcanoes range from 2900 m to 3428 m with the basecamp as hiking starting elevation ranging approx 1400 m - 1900 m ( different from one volcano to other).On hiking trip 2D/1N or over, our sleeping altitude is below 3050 m can be at basecamp without any hike on first day or easy hike to higher point of camp site over the basecamp.

We normally do gradual approach to those altitude for more healthy and comfortable hike as in fact Acute Mountain Sickness in it's mild form often can occurs around 2.450 m or higher but can occurs on even lower altitudes (each people is different , by common symptom is a headache, then at least one the following symptoms is present; nausea,sleeplessness,lack of appetite, or malaise).

Photo By: Oleng, Adick, Bani, E Fransisco