FOOD & DRINK:Our logistical support emphasis on providing meal in high quality and high in quantity-variety to make sure they are sufficiently available to complete the climb,and a good supply of snacks throughout the trip plus sufficient mineral water supply.Cool drink at the end or finishing point of the trek included in trip.

As we hike climb on high altitude,the higher we go the more water needed for our body to work properly.We eat and drink regularly not to satisfy our hunger or thirsty on the day hike-trek-climb but to keep performa.Seniors normally need to drink and eat more often than adult, also more rest on the day hike than adult since they have less physical reserves than adults.

So far trekking guide companion responsible to arrange logistical support elements,and make it sure they are protected from dust or rain to keep them clean, manage the time to adapt the meal time to be on proper time (Breakfast,Lunch,and Dinner Times).

PERSONAL EQUIPMENT:Hiking Climbing on volcano of Indonesia require a good personal equipment and safety gears due to the potential terrain,specific volcanic environment hazard and weather conditions.Our focus here is on having some essential element of walking and clothing equipment to facilitate your movements and ensure your comfort, while at same time strive to keep pack weights as light as possible for more comfort move and ease of tackling the route.

CAMPING & GROUP EQUIPMENT:Camping & Cooking equipments are provided by our team.We don't make camp fire on camping site since the available equipment made you warm already,also don't cook by tree since cooking equipment plus stove is sufficiently available,cooking is less done since some of the food are packed for more practical and time effectiveness reason.

Since safety is always be on our top priority,therefore we provide group safety gears,at least included: First aid kit plus 2 bottles of medical oxygen,and radio communications.We provide with you personal safety
gears: filtered maskers,safety goggle,and helmet where ever they are necessary (only on certain very active volcanoes).All necessary camping-group equipment plus safety gears are arranged by trekking guide.

WHAT TO BRING:So...what you should bring for the hike-trek-climb?... your very specific personal belonging items for the day hike-trek-climb,such: trekking shoes,some spare clothings, backpack,personal medicine,headlamp,camera.Small items such: gaiters,extra socks,gloves,sun glass,cap/hat are useful too.Please...pay attention to two most important aspects of equipments:their functionality and light weight.

PORTAGING:Porter service for portaging group logistic:camping equipment,food for main meals,and cooking equipments included in cost.All items are carried by backpack (case: Yogyakarta & Central Java),
each porter protected from cool weather and wind by jacket and sleep by sleeping bag in tent.We restricted the total weight carried each porter in to average maximum approx 15 kl for porter protection.

You carry your very specific personal belonging items plus needed mineral water supply for the day hike-trek-climb.Personal porter service is excluded in cost, but such personal service is available
by extra cost on request if you wish to.