Trekking Trips

Today trekking trips are mostly based around volcanoes of Yogyakarta and Central Java, ranging from just half day to multidays. Below some trekking trips based on our recent experiences:



SUNDORO also locally named SINDORO, the twin volcano of Sumbing.Recently (2012) it's magmatic activity rise to higher level without eruption, experienced forest fire, and therefore it had been closed for hiking activity by local authority on year of 2012, till today we never check it out.

Sindoro normally has temporal crater lake on wet season caused rainfall accumulated in the carter.Provides good sunrise, and great opportunity of exploring it's carter rim uniqueness where the grass plus some adapted plants are still growing. Hiking trip to Sundoro normally takes 2 days / 1 night, overnight by camp in tent, departure from Yogyakarta  in the morning. Return to Yogyakarta in late afternoon on next day.Hiking route: Kledung.Transfer round trip 4 -5 hours. Actual hike approx 10 ascent - descent. Regarding our last guided multidays hiking trip to Sundoro check out the past trip's page.


This is the most active volcano of Indonesia. Provides sensational view of new crater which is well visible from crater's rim.Most trips took 2 Days / 1 night overnight in tent, other trip departs at night by car from Yogyakarta to the northern base of Merapi took 1 Night and 1 Day. If you never hike volcano before, 2 Days hike is better for more time to adapt to rising volcanic environment as well as for more enjoyment and experiences, you have rare opportunity to experience sunset on first day and sunrise on second day.Transfer round trips 4 hours.



This is an old volcano with two old craters that still exist till today. This volcano has the greatest number of hiking route in Indonesia, provides sweeping view of volcanoes of Central Java, it's summit is the best highest point of seeing "closed up view" of Merapi.We have more actively arranged some trips to this volcano since 2008, and our last trip was on Dec 2012.The trip to this volcano took 2 Days / One night, with overnight mostly by camp in tent, and other trips have overnight by basecamp at local house of local family.Route Wekas - Kedakan.Transfer round trip approx 5 hours.Actual hike approx 9 hours ascent - descent.Regarding our last guided trekking trip to Merbabu check out the last trip's page.


Volcano Sumbing has less data regarding it's eruption, the last recorded eruption was on year 1730 ( previously doubtful ) .The volcano has very impressive active craters, and it's required to walk down to have closer looks of those craters.Has some summit: Kawah,Buntu and Sejati.The trip normally take 2 Days with one night overnight by camp in tent. Route Garung.Departure from Yogyakarta in the morning.Regarding our last guided trekking trip to Sumbing, check out the past trip's page.

This is old volcano of East Java and Central since it located at border both these regions. The volcano still has craters plus hotspring below summit.Provides volcano landscape view of East Java, as well lake which is visible from camp site with background of sunrise slowly lights volcanic landscape of East Java.The hiking route of Lawu is considered as the best maintained trail of Indonesia.Most trips take 2 Days / 1 Night. Round trip Yogyakarta - Basecamp 6 - 7 hours.Actual hiking 8,5 hours ascent - descent.Departure from Yogyakarta in the morning.Concerning our last trekking trip to Lawu check out the past trip's page.


Trekking Merbabu - Merapi volcanoes took 3 days / 2 Nights. Departure from Yogyakarta in the morning.Route Wekas - Kedakan (Merbabu) and Selo ( Merapi ). Overnight by camp in tent at Merbabu and by basecamp at local house of a local family. Our hiking trip Merbabu - Merapi 3 Days / 2 Nights is no longer available. This multidays hiking trip program is on updating process.Regarding our last trekking trip Merbabu - Merapi 3D/2N check out the past trip's page.


The this multidays trekking trips took 3 days / 2 Nights. Route Kledung and Garung.Overnight by tent either at Sundoro or Sumbing. Our trekking trip program Sundoro - Sumbing 3 Days / 2 Night is no longer available.The new trekking trip program is on creating process.Regarding our last trekking activities Sundoro - Sumbing 3 D/2N check out the past trip's page.


Slamet is highest active volcano of Central Java, scenic summit zone with lava dome below.Normal hiking route via Bambangan.The route was very often been closed for hiking activity either on dry or wet season.Till today, we never check it out hiking route Bambangan.Till today our program hiking trip volcano Slamet 2 Days / 1 Night is no longer available. New hiking trip is on creating process.Regarding our past guided trekking activities Slamet 2D/1N check out the past trip's page.


This is ancient small volcano of Yogyakarta, had been erupted long time ago, has unique volcanic rock formation.The hike done through big rock crack, under shadow of towering rock structure, and some boulders. Sunset and landscape view of Yogyakarta is well visible from the top of this volcano.Transfer round trip 2 hour, and actual hike 2 hours. For last trip half day Nglanggeran check out the last trip's page.


East Java is the homeland of Java's volcanoes.This is the home of most beautiful volcanic caldera Tengger, as well as the home of highest active volcano's summit of Java, locally called MAHAMERU, and the last.. this is the homeland of most unique volcano of Indonesia locally called KELUD. Favorite trip destination mostly Bromo and Ijen, Kelud as well as Semeru.For Semeru...the Semeru's hiking route is very often been closed officially for hiking activity. Regarding our last guided trekking trip to East Java check out the past trip's page.


We hike in small group, normally with private small group 2 - 4 guests. This small group size is proven  minimize any possible negative impact on volcano environment.

Better season for hiking on volcanoes of Yogyakarta and Cental Java mostly on dry season.However, some hikes are possibly done on whole season on certain old - ancient volcanoes.

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