Dear Trekking/Hiking Guests,

Welcome to this simple page, and thanks for stopping by. As appreciation to your visit, let's me introduce my self to you. I'm an ordinary Indonesian native, have passion for rock climbing and volcano trekking / hiking, but hare I'm focused for volcano trekking / hiking. So far, I have hiked most all interested volcanoes of my country such as Kerinci, Rinjani, Semeru, Agung, Slamet, Sumbing, Merapi, Merbabu, Batur, and so on. These experiences steered me to be certified trekking and mountain guide by specialization of guiding volcano hiking / trekking trip. Regarding guiding experiences, I have guiding experiences over than 10 years, having worked together with trekking guests from more than 10 different nationalities.

Previously, I completed intensive 4 weeks trekking guide program of Western Trekking Technique Course, and certified on 1998. Also attended relevant tourist guide course (2008). Recently, I completed 2 days technical coaching for mountain guide work and 2 days assessment for mountain guide competency profession certification, and licensed / certified in area of mountain guide by relevant Indonesian certification authority.

As freelance trekking guide, I have to create my own guiding programs and strive to promote them independently. Therefore, I have been developing some gradual guiding program based on selected previous guiding and or trekking experiences on volcanoes. Some of them have been posted on guiding program page section. In guiding, I used to lead trekking / hiking trip of my trekking guests as team and work hand by hand with colleagues as teamwork to delivered services on volcanoes sufficiently.

If you have an interest of hiking up Indonesian volcanoes, please feel free and comfortable to get in touch.To lead your trekking trip, please check out my availability for you date of requested trip departure over 4 weeks, and confirm at least 4 weeks prior to your arrival for scheduling and receiving service performance properly. Thanks for stopping by.

    Best regards,

 Ambo Upe ( Olenk )

                                            CORE SERVICE COVERAGE

> Preparing Climbing Trip Documents
> Logistical Preparation
> Coordinating Travel Schedule (Itinerary, transport element and so on)
> Guiding Handling

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